Too good to be true? Here’s what our tenants are saying:

— “We love our new home!”

— “I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my kids and are very grateful to have found such great landlords. If it wasn’t for my [situation], I would not be leaving as I’ve enjoyed my stay here and found it to be a very safe place to live and really enjoyed getting to know my neighbors.”
— “Thank you so much for a wonderful living experience at your property. It’s a great place!”
— “My brother wants to rent from you.  Do you have any openings?”
— “You guys are awesome!”
— “The place looks great and we are SOO excited about our new home. Thank you!”
— “We’re staying right here!  This is the first place we’ve lived where it feels like home.”
— “I loved my place!  If I could have taken my apartment with me [when I moved across the country] I would have.”
— “Yes, I will rent from you again.  In fact, we may be moving to Denver – I can’t wait to see your places there.”
— “I love it here.  I’ll stay until I die – I’m not moving!”
— “I am super excited and relieved to finally find a place that feels like home.”
— “We’ve very much enjoyed living in your housing, as you’ve been very understanding, helpful and prompt; we appreciate it.”